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Only a fantasy or reality too..?

Our projects may seem to be easily carried out (accomplished) , but it is and has been a carousel, filled with emotions, challenges and adventures. For many, they seemed like an impossible dream to come true, but we managed to turn them into reality. Despite ambitions and a passionate heart for travel, exploring the world and realizing significant projects with only a few euros in your pocket is not easy. Nevertheless we managed to do it, so we wanted to hand over our knowledge. Without exaggerating, let's say how it was - complicated (even a lot) -, but the result, referring to journeys and already fulfilled dreams, has turned out even better than expected. However, we want to emphasize that this is not just our hobby - it is a matter of the heart (passion / lifestyle / a life perspective) -, which has snitched (stolen) a lot of sleepless nights, both before and during the processes; such as route planning and building the cafe from the ground up, as well as brand development of FISOM. We asked for advice such artists, actors and honorable personalities like Raimonds Pauls, Dita Lūriņa, Girts Ķesteris and other industry professionals in case to inspire ourselves and others, thereby ensuring the best result performance and your trust in what we do. Each project is a HUGE challenge not only for their participants, but also for us, the organizers, but after all we grow through it - we grow together. Take a look and be inspired by what has been done so far. Take a look and be inspired by the miracles performed so far.


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