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The key to the success of FISOM trips is planning skills. FISOM’S team starts to prepare well in advance, together with embassies, drivers, and other industry professionals. Routes, stopping points are planned - cities, gas stations, showers, everything to make a successful trip.

Accurate planning requires not only a huge responsibility from us but also the participants of the trip. Namely, the FISOM team trusts its travellers and allows them to explore the cities themselves but meeting at a specific place at a certain time is mandatory. Mostly the groups are large, even huge, and since we are on the way most of the time, it is very important that everyone arrives on time. Why? Because trips are planned in detail by the hour, and even the slightest time lag can change the whole trip.

Another point worth noting is the responsibility of the FISOM team for each of the participants in the trip. Whether the traveler is an adult or not we are responsible for making the trip as good as possible, without any incidents.

Of course, when traveling with 200 young adventure seekers across Europe, there is a high risk that something couldn’t go as planned. There have been a couple of incidents, such as when participants got lost in Venice (where it is very easy to get lost) and missed the ferry back to the bus. Luckily, everything ended successfully, and the travellers continued on.

We are aware of the responsibility on our shoulders, but we trust our participants, so we expect the same from them. It is like teamwork, with everyone taking responsibility - we plan, but travellers trust, enjoy, and follow the rules.

Every trip is a lesson, but, hey, the one who doesn’t learn will never move forward. We are more than ready for the next trip and look forward to the summer when we can live, travel, search and find adventures again and just enjoy life.

See you!


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