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Tips for packing FISOM travel bags

Suitcases, travel bags, and everything else are very individual choices. FISOM trips have their own peculiarity - long rides, where free access to suitcases is not possible all the time. So we, the FISOM team, have gathered some of the most common YES and NO answers about the luggage.

1.Yes - for the list!

While some start packing travel bags two weeks before the trip, others notice it to remember the last two hours before leaving. But no matter which of the above you are, the list is a very good thing. First of all, because it is a way not to forget the most necessary things, such as a passport, comfortable shoes or pajamas. Secondly, it is easier to be aware of what is taken with you and what is not.

2.Yes - for a reusable water bottle!

We are sure that you will agree that a lot of activities, especially in the heat, can’t work without water. Using your own bottle is a way to save money without buying water bottles in plastic packaging. If you haven’t read the previous article yet, it mentioned water filling places in cities where you don’t have to pay for it. It is also very relevant nowadays in the context of waste reduction - a win-win situation.

3.Yes - for a comfortable bag!

Often in cities, you spend about 12 hours, so it is important to find a bag that will not be difficult to carry all the time. It must be large enough to be a safe place of money and documents, space for a bottle of water, and snacks. Another good option is a fanny pack in which only documents, money, and telephones can be stored. However, if you are exploring together with someone, one person can take all the water bottles in one bag, replacing each other from time to time.

4.Yes - for wet wipes and dry shampoo!

No matter how funny this may seem at the moment, when the bathroom is available practically 24/7, after two days without a proper shower, these two things will come in handy for both boys and girls. Especially after a day spent walking in +30C degrees heat, wet wipes are a good way to remove at least dust from the face, feet, and hands, as well as for girls - removing makeup. The dry shampoo will help feel better with at least visually clean hair, so you can enjoy exploring the city even more.

5.Yes - for good, reliable shoes!

When walking 20km a day, this is one of the most important things. No one wants to have a bad day because of blisters and swollen feet. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously evaluate and first check whether the shoes, chosen for the trip, will not be regretted three days later.

6.Yes - for powerbank!

Smart devices are a huge help when traveling and are now an integral part of our lives, but remember that they will only work if they are charged.

7.One, big NO - too many clothes!

With a little regret for the girls, it must be said that the FISOM trip will probably not be a fashion week. Of course, there are also baggage sizes and weight restrictions for overflight trips. On the other hand, when traveling by bus, although the restrictions are not so strict, access to suitcases is not available every day. So wearing a new outfit every day can be challenging. In the first days of the trip, it seems very important but then after some days the comfort comes in the first place and at the end of the trip, half of the clothes have not been put on. Therefore, it is useful to consider which clothes can be easily combined, which are necessary depending on the weather and which will be comfortable.

No matter how banal it may sound, the most important thing is to pack yourself with a good mood, the desire to learn, and an open mind to all adventures coming in the way. Have a great day and possibly on the next trip we will be able to discuss the travel adventures together...


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