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Comfort during the FISOM trips - experience stories

Relaxing is not possible without specific amenities. However, the concept of “comfort” is certainly subjective - it means something different for everyone. Starting with meals - one may enjoy a sandwich, while another prefers breakfast in bed. In this article, we, the FISOM team, and the two girls of the previous 2019 trip want to draw attention to the definition of comfort during the FISOM trip and what not to expect at all.

Paula’s findings:

Since about half of the time is spent driving, I realized that quality sleep will be a challenge, but despite the fact that I was ready for the worst scenario, I was pleasantly surprised that sleeping on the bus can be so comfortable. Of course, the heat and many, many kilometers of walking did affect me, because, as you know, physical activities and lots of fresh air improve sleep. Clearly, at the end of the day, while waiting for the bus, we even found concrete as a comfortable place to close our eyes for a while.

The second finding that emerged is that sinks can actually be used in so many more ways. You can not only wash your hands and teeth, but also hair and clothes, which might seem absurd at the moment, but there were no other options. We lived with the resources that were available.

Showers are certainly not a must-have, as we thought before the trip, but the feeling of finally taking one is pleasing. The same with dinner - although the presence of a professional chef was not specifically on our trip, when there was hunger, everything seemed delicious.

To conclude, I perceived all these “inconveniences” as one big adventure, and in the end, they made the journey so special and full of remarkable memories.

Nikola’s experience:

Starting with sleeping on the bus.. I can call myself lucky because I sat together with a friend, so the pillow was her at times. We were also lucky to have stairs right in front of the chairs, which gave us a little more room for feet. In general, I couldn’t complain about sleep - the light rocking and sound of the bus helped me a lot to fall asleep. Even after the trip, the body was so used to it, that it was difficult to fall asleep in a bed and in silence.

Another challenge was cooling down, for example, like taking a cold shower, hiding in the shade, or going indoors. Although driving was mostly at night, there were days when we also rode during the day, and when the sun was shining through the window, it got really hot, which could not be affected. As well as about the showers - I hoped that I would be able to wash more often but that is why even now, a year and a half after the trip, I don’t take it for granted.

One thing to note is that time planning is not so flexible - at a certain time, I had to be on the bus to go further, even in the moments when I would love to stay longer. As well as during our trip, the rice cakes and breakfast cereals had to be seen more often than we would have liked. Unlike sleeping on the bus, which was even a little lacking, these were things I definitely didn’t include in my diet for a while after the trip.

I truly recommend the trip to everyone - the memories still make me laugh, even remembering all the discomfort.

We, as FISOM organizers, can agree that the 2019 trip was a big challenge for us and participants. However, we would like to add that we are still learning to make everything work as well as possible by listening to different opinions from experts - FISOM travelers. We work hard to approach the definition of comfort closer on future trips. Namely, we have already found a solution for showers and meals, because as we have already mentioned, in our opinion, comfort matters.

According to the experience of the girls, the FISOM trip is an adventure. There may be both positive and sometimes negative experiences but the negatives get easily forgotten and all the positives, numerous adventures are the ones that make the trip memorable.


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